Yellow & orange combo

Hi everyone!
This look is more of a summer inspired. Even though summer is over and winter is coming I’d thought I’d post this look anyways. There’s a lot of looks I redid that I wanted to focusing on plus my views for products. This summer look is different from the first one I did. The yellow is less bright and I didn’t use the white liner. I wanted something similar but different. In the end I thought about redoing the look with the white liner and the bold yellow. I know I sound crazy but it’s something I will do in time along with some redos and new looks! I hope you enjoy this look🤗products will be listed below ~

May 2014 ~

Product used for the eye ~


 October 2015 ~

Products used for the eye ~



Pink & brown with a hint of purple

Hi everyone!

I recently have been doing some updates on old looks I created. I redid this look June 2015 and again its crazy with how you see a difference. Theres always things that I’m going to work harder on to improve myself. This look is my absolute favorite! The color combo works well together and its something you could wear day or night. Also, I tried to stay with the same colors I used when I first created this look. Some products have changed and I will list the products below for both. For the newest look I did take a good picture but you see can see what I used 🙂 I hope you like & enjoy ~

1609941_287670751396114_688608720_n 10153142_286002408229615_925168982_n10155478_10152031375502314_700378310049424509_n

Pink & brown combo ~ April 2014

Products used for the eyes ~

Concrete Minerals – prude, queen & unity
MAC Cosmetics – Black track & brun
Crown Brush – 88 warm palette (matte medium brown, matte dark brown & matte black)

Products used for the face ~ (photo has Valencia filter)
stila cosmetics – stay all day in light
Smashbox Cosmetics – halo glow in fair
Laura Mercier Cosmetics – warm bronze

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics datura
Crown Brush 1st row, 2nd & 5th blusher

#obsessivecompulsivecosmetics Digitalis


10155134_498238867005967_7739435065834612713_n 11221638_498246003671920_6900536495795338123_nIMG_4443

Pink & brown combo June 2015 ~

Products used for the eyes ~

Concrete Minerals Prude & Queen
Urban Decay Cosmetics 24/7 eyeliner in lust
SMASH BOX Exposure palette in M1 & M2
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics datura
It Cosmetics black gel liner
MAC Cosmetics Brun

Products used for the face ~ (no filter)

Nyx cosmetics – hd foundation in 04 mixed with invincible fullest coverage in fair, borne to glow liquid illuminator in 01 sunbeam and soft matte lip color in Tokyo

Anastasia – contouring palette mixing the 3 dark shades and using banana under the eye and upper cheek

Benefit – coralista blush mixed with Crown Brush 10 blush palette in 1st row 2 color

Crown Brush 26 Color Professional Contouring Palette Review

Hey everyone!

I just finished my review for Crown Brush’s 26 Contouring palette! Unfortunately, I only have a couple looks with this palette but will soon have more to come. For the swatch I used a primer so you can see the intensity of the shadow. If you don’t use a primer it won’t bring out the pigment as much and won’t have much staying power on the eyes. I always recommend using an eye shadow primer to keep the shadow from creasing or coming off before the day is over. It doesn’t matter which eye primer you use so long as the primer works for you and does the job. So here is my review for you to read, I hope it helps to give an idea of the palette and what its all about! enjoy :3

Crown brush has done it again with having such a gorgeous palette! I love how it leans more towards neutrals and comes with 5 blush. You can’t just have one neutral palette; not all of them are the same and I’ll always love palettes. They’re easy to travel, making it accessible for you on the go. It’s a perfect add on to your makeup collection or if you’re starting to play with makeup. Not only is this palette great for giving you want you need but it can be used for any look you are trying to achieve.

Crown Brush’s eye shadow pigment never lets me down and to help my shadow stay all day I use urban decay’s eye shadow primer. You can create a day to night look from this palette. Unlike some palettes, the 26 contouring has more to offer. This palette has a variety of neutral colors from matte to shimmer. The colors are so versatile that it can be used for eye shadow, blush and to contour the face. The palette comes in a black matte case and the eye shadow pans are about the size of a half dollar coin.

And here are the swatches since I didn’t get to do many looks. >.<

Processed with MoldivFullSizeRender

Keeping it matte


Products used for the eyes ~

Crown Brush 26 professional contouring palette in deep brown & smoke it out palette in matte black

NYX Cosmetics black eyeliner

MAC Cosmetics Brun & black track

Products used for the face ~

Crown Brush 26 professional contouring palette for the cheeks using the 4th & 5th shade (mauve color)

NYX Cosmetics soft matte lip in Antwerp

stila cosmetics stay all day foundation in fair

Laura Mercier Cosmetics warm bronze


10801911_402188863277635_3615197430103117771_n10687152_390944394402082_6665977254403565898_nFullSizeRender 3

Products used for the eyes ~

Crown Brush studio pro palette in matte black & matte brown-red and 26 contour palette in shimmer reddish/pink shadow.

MAC Cosmetics brun

Buxom Cosmetics leatherette

NYX Cosmetics black eyeliner

Products used for the face ~

Temptu Pro airbrush foundation in #3 mixed with #1

Crown brush – 26 contouring palette blush using #3 & #5

NYX cosmetics – soft matte lip stick in Prague & matte bronzer in medium

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash Review

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe its already September and soon it will be Christmas! I feel like this year went by so quickly and already planning things for next year! >.< This cleanser is by far the best I’ve tried.  I always want to give products a try, everyone skin is different. Out of all the other cleansers I’ve tired this has made my skin feel super clean. I have a couple favorite cleansers that I won’t leave but this one is my number 1. I will do a favorites review on my cleansers, serums, moisturizers and makeup. I have a lot of loves and some dislikes but if you have any questions on any products let me know 🙂 I hope this reviews helps anyone looking to try a new cleanser and if you already tired this cleanser let me know what your thoughts are on it!


A gentle cleanser that has an invigorating scent of spearmint and lavender, the Origin cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean and revitalized. The checks and balance cleanser is great for all skin types; it helps balance the skins (sebum) dryness and oiliness making your skin feel balanced. The cleanser helps take away any excess oil and dirt without stripping the skins natural oils.

A little goes a long way when using the Origins cleanser. Infused with broad leaf kelp extract to help take away any excess oil production while wheat protein balances, protects and keeps skin hydrated. This product doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

My skin is more dry but can have the occasional breakouts and with this cleanser it helps balance my skin out. Sometimes I will feel a little tightness but after cleansing my skin, I apply my serum followed by a moisturizer. My skin will feel clean, smooth and hydrated. When cleansing the skin, make sure you don’t get the cleanser close to the eye; the mint will make it feel like it’s burning. What I will do is gently cleanse my skin avoiding the eye area at first and then quickly go over the eyes to take off any excess makeup. This cleanser is great for all seasons because it can adjust to your skin changing. Usually you’d like to change certain things in your skincare routine when the weather changes. With this cleanser it accommodates to your skin changes.

Smokey black

Hi Everyone!

I know I’ve recently been on this smokey eye kick! I wanted it to be bold but not too bold and I loved the way this look came out. Being able to wear it for the day but if you wanted to make it more dramatic for the night I would “bump it up” as my teacher would say. You could add more blush and/or apply a darker lip that will make the look ready for the night. Next time I’ll do a vampy look, I purchased some deeper lip colors because I realized I had none in my kit. I was mixing them with the Makeup Forever flash color palette which isn’t a bad thing but it is nice to have some lip sticks/glosses to have with you, especially when your on the go! I hope you guys enjoy and if you have any questions let me know. I will list the products below!

11079608_459271064236081_178652447450651815_n10671318_458184141011440_3633281387735711674_n CNTMlxOWsAAgKGz.jpg-largeProcessed with Moldiv

Products used for the eye ~

Too Faced Cosmetics cat eyes palette in Panther, kitty glitter & purr
It Cosmetics black gel liner
MAC Cosmetics brun
Urban Decay Cosmetics perversion

Products used for the face ~

Kat Von D lock it tattoo liquid foundation in #45

Anastasia contour kit in light-medium

Crown brush 26 Contouring palette using mauve blush

Obsessive compulsive cosmetics eye shadow in Datura for the highlighter

NYX intense lip butter in Tres Leches (my favorite lip color)


Color of the day ~ Blue <3

Hey everyone!

I have recently been redoing some looks lately and this one I loved the way it came out but felt like there could be more improvement. I have to say we are our own worst critics when it comes to certain things especially if we love what we do. The first time I did this look was January 2014 and redid the look this year April 2015. This was definitely an improvement. I’m always learning new things when trying to create a certain look. My favorite color is purple but for this look it was all about the blues. I tried to use the same products as the first look but in time I found other products to try and I wanted to do the same but a little different. I hope you like and enjoy the weekend! I will be posting more later on and have a couple reviews I’d like to share! Birthday weekend is here and taking this weekend to relax and enjoy getting old! ha >.<




(Jan. 2014) Products used for the eyes ~

Concrete Minerals bulletproof, saint & day dream
Lime Crime parasol
Crown Brush 92 color studio pro palette (matte cream)
Buxom Cosmetics leatherette
MAC Cosmetics brun

Products used for the face ~
stila cosmetics stay all day foundation in light
Laura Mercier Cosmetics warm bronze

Cheeks ~
Crown Brush 10 set blush palette 2nd row, 2nd blusher (coral)

Lips~ Lime Crime opaque lip stick ind’lilac


(April 2015) Products used for the eyes ~

Concrete Minerals saint, bulletproof & day dream
It Cosmetics gel liner
Urban Decay Cosmetics 24/7 eyeliner in LSD
Crown Brush 92 studio color pro face palette using a light blue eyeshadow
MAC Cosmetics brun

Products used for the face ~

NYX cosmetics HD foundation in Sand Beige mixed with Invincible foundation in light and for contouring/bronzing I used the matte bronzer in Medium

Crown brush – 10 blush palette first row 3rd color mixed with 2nd row 2nd color blush

Lips – Bite Beauty in Fig



Smokey Brown

Hey everyone!

This post is going to be short but I wanted to share this smokey eye with you. Lately I have been rocking the smokey eye. Its always been my go to look for when I’m in a rush or don’t have a look in mind. I have more looks that I’ve done but I either haven’t done a full look or didn’t take a picture of the eye up close. I’ve been slacking on posting some makeup looks so for that I am trying to play catch up on some of them. For this look I didn’t get a picture of the full look. This look is pretty simple and kept it neutral, I will list the products below. I hope you like and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

11540909_506675489495638_6627401530046287604_n 11698614_498238840339303_505515390921370718_n

Products I used for the eye –
Smashbox Cosmetics Exposure palette in m5, s6 & m6
It Cosmetics black gel liner
MAC Cosmetics brun eye shadow for the brows
NYX Cosmetics wonder pencil in light

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation Review

Hi everyone! 
I hope you all are enjoying the summer. I have taken a month vacation from sharing makeup looks to catch up on some reviews and to enjoy the weather. I recently purchased some products one being Makeup Forever ultra hd foundation and I’m a huge fan! If you were looking to get the original HD foundations they have been discontinued and replaced it with the new ultra hd. I loved the original and when hearing about the ultra hd coming out I couldn’t wait to try it out. The difference of the original and ultra hd is that it accommodates to the newest lenses of hd TV/film. If are on the look out to try a new foundation I hope this review has help you on your decision. If you already got your hands on this foundation let me know what your thoughts are! Thanks for following me!

Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation is the newest foundation to the cosmetic line. Amazing as the first HD foundation was, the Ultra HD foundation is formulated for the newest High-definition technology that gives you a flawless complexion on and off camera. The lightweight foundation is formulated with hyaluronic spheres making your skin look and feel hydrated. The long lasting foundation gives you buildable coverage just by using a brush or blending it with a sponge. It will give you a light to full coverage; you choose what you want either way it doesn’t feel or look like you’re wearing anything. The liquid foundation blends easy, conceals very well and is great for all skin types. You only need about 1 ½ to 2 pumps of the liquid foundation depending on the coverage you want.
I’m always looking to try new products and this lightweight foundation is my new favorite. I always loved the original HD foundation from Makeup Forever and wanted to try the new Ultra HD. It gives my skin full coverage and when building the coverage it doesn’t feel or look heavy. To apply the Ultra HD foundation I use my crown brush c450 Infinity pointed brush to apply the amount of coverage I want. Before applying my foundation, I will use the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Smoothing primer which helps even out the skin and allows the foundation to stay all day. The foundation is available in 40 shades and when purchasing the Ultra HD it comes with a sample of the Step 1 skin equalizer primer.

smokey eye with a hint of purple 

hey everyone! 

For this look I did I wanted it to be simple yet edgy. The one thing I love about smokey eyes is that they are easy to do when your on a time crunch. You can create a look that you like whether it be natural or more intense. The one thing that got me interested in makeup was knowing that if I mess up, I can take it off and try again. There is no mistakes when it comes to makeup. Everyone has their own taste in what they like. Everyday to me is a learning process of trying new tips and tricks on how to create certain looks. Here is my look, I will post the products below ^_^

Products used for the eyes ~ 

Crown brush – 92 color professional studio pro palette in matte reddish brown 

Nyx – black eyeliner pencil 

Concrete minerals – queen & croma

Mac cosmetics – brun

It cosmetics – black gel liner 

Products used for the face ~

Nyx – HD Foundation in 04 beige, matte bronzer in medium & intense lip butter gloss in spice cake

Crown brush – 10 blush palette 2nd row, 1st blush

Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge review

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Sorry for not posting much. I have been busy with work and have had no time to finish my review but finally got it done. I have so many more to post just trying to spend time on each of them. Also, I have been wanting to post new looks & some redos. Of course some of the looks I created didn’t come out the way I wanted them to. So for now I hope these review helps anyone looking to try something new for their skincare regiment! 



 A sponge that cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates for normal to dry skin was something I had to try. This isn’t the first Konjac sponge that Bosica has released and when I saw the first Boscia Konjac sponge, I wanted to try it but never got my hands on it! I finally got my hands on the deep hydration Konjac sponge which is perfect for my skin type. The red sponge is easy to travel with and left my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean.


Boscia has 4 different sponges to choose from to accommodate our skin types yet still gentle for all skin types. Each is infused with different ingredients all working the same way but adhering to our individual skincare needs. The original (white) Konjac sponge is the first that came out that can be used for all skin types. If you have oily – combination skin the bamboo charcoal (black) sponge helps reduce pores, blemish causing bacteria and removes any impurities. If you have oily – blemish prone skin the complexion cleansing (green) sponge helps clarify the skin, reducing excess oil and preventing clogged pores. The hydration (red) sponge is the one I thought was best for my skin. The red clay is infused in the sponge. It helps give the skin a deep cleanse and exfoliates gently by taking away the dead skin cells while keeping the skin nourished and hydrated. 


You feel the difference when using the sponge. It’s fine to use your hands but your not getting a deep cleanse as you would with the sponge. I feel when using my hands, my skin never feels as clean but with the sponge I felt it helped cleanse my skin better. I wet it with warm water before using and apply my favorite cleanser or if you got the boscia kit (Tsubaki cleanse & hydrate trio) like I did, try the cleansing oil gel that comes with it. If you have normal to dry skin then the Boscia Tsubaski cleansing oil gel is great to try. Gently cleanse the skin and rinse well. Hang the Konjac sponge to dry for the next use and replace the sponge every 2-3 months.